Lokniketan Trust was not particularly active in this field in Banaskanfha for about two decades. In order to overcome this shortcoming, we started a girls' post basic school in 1983 on our main campus at Ratanpur. Now the girls from far away villages can come here, stay in the girls' chhatralaya and get their education. Here we have made due arrangement for their safety and the guardians have placed full faith in our institution. Usually the guardians do not send their daughters outside for education if that is not available locally, because they feel very much worried for their daughters' safety and well-being, and such places where there is good, full-proof arrangement for the girls' safety are very few. Moreover the people are not knowing such places also. Due to all such social reasons, the girls' education is the least developed field in Banaskantha district. In such circumstances, Lokniketan has taken a first step in this direction by establishing this 'Kanya Vidhyalay'. If we want to achieve the desired goal of social-development, girls' education is the one and only remedy. To save women from their ignorance, bring about awareness in them to achieve development of the whole family — towards this end Smt Pushpabahen Chavda has taken great pains. She had carried a compassion for the girls' education and had made a tour on foot' (known as Padyatra) from Vadgam to Jalotra village covering all the villages on the way. On account of her efforts enrollment of the girls in the school had become easier.

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